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The company FAST STREAM is an organizer of major international trade shows, conferences, and other focused events in CIS, Baltic States, and the countries of South-East and Central Asia (the company operates in cooperation with major and renowned international companies – in particular, quasi-public and state-owned ones).  


FAST STREAM renders the comprehensive range of services needed for successful representation of companies at trade shows, conferences, forums, and other commercial events:

Engineering services:
• Rental lease of pavilions, halls, and other premises and areas;
• Lease and construction of any kind of exhibition units and display booths including custom-tailored ones;
• Lease of special-purpose equipment and facilities.


• Provision of husbandry;
• Organizing transfers;
• Provision of translators and operational staff for the time of business event execution;
• Reception and dispatch of cargoes;
• Organizing social events (banquets, cocktail dinners, show programs, excursions, etc.)


Other services
• Development of design units of any kind (like bench-top structures, advertisements, presentations, etc.);
• Preparation of any kind of type matters and other materials in Russian, English, Chinese, Hindi, and some other languages;
• Makeup and typography;
• Free-house printing of materials related to bench-top items and banners, publications, - and of any other materials in China, India, Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries;
• Organizing and provision of individual jobs and services in CIS, South-East and Central Asia countries.


Please e-mail all the questions related to companies’ participation in events, the cooperation, and the joint organization of exhibition arrangements – to the marketing department: